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For over a decade, our family and other Jersey Ink employees have been passionate about the company our mom started in the basement of our home in Wayne, New Jersey.

Mom, Sue Becker, is an entrepreneur who had built other businesses, but there was something special about the little screen print shop she started in 2006. Perhaps it was because a lot of the original specialty print jobs were created for organizations we Becker kids were involved in, so there were plenty of incentives to produce excellent work in our first year in business.

Unquestionably, there was a sharp learning curve to print the quality of work we wanted to produce for our early clients, but we took on the challenge and exceeded expectations.

When we moved to Reading in 2007, we brought our pride of craftsmanship with us and our company began to grow. Originally, our Reading location was an office building. As we added additional equipment to meet the needs of an expanding list of customers, we moved into a 2,000 sq. ft. facility in 2012. Even that wasn’t enough, however, and in 2017, we opened our current 5,000 sq. ft. walk-in operation and showroom at 1601 N. 9th St. in Reading.

We’re very excited about the company we’ve built and the customers we serve. In addition to Sue, her son Dan, the team’s Graphic Designer, and daughter Christina, our Marketing Director, we’ve added several other dedicated employees over the years. Nonetheless, we continue to operate our business like a family, with solid values that continue to emphasize high-quality work with on-time delivery to make our customers happy.

While Jersey Ink’s customer base continues to be in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we’re looking to expand even further through e-commerce and online marketing.

No matter how large we expand, however, our hallmarks will continue to be our family values, the love all our employees have for producing creative specialty print products and making our clients our biggest fans.