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Shop Culture

When you get asked to speak in front of 100+ people about shop culture, what are your thoughts?

Well, we just got excited to get out of Reading, PA for a few days. The whole “we’re giving a speech” didn’t hit us until the day before, as myself, my Mom, and my brother drove 10 hours to Chicago. We started gathering our thoughts on our topic, shop culture. We just really wanted to give our audience as much value as possible in our 50 minute time slot.

Jersey Ink is a fun environment to work in, theres no doubt about that. We blast rock music, make puns, and play with ink all day long. Our products and clients are priority, but we also make them a part of our culture. Good shop culture is important in every company, and you have one whether you’re aware of it or not. Shop culture is based on a company’s values, missions, and goals. Everything done within (chores, tasks, lunch, coffee, training, meetings, etc..), are based on a company’s culture.

Here are some tips on shop culture we shared in our speech:

  • You can’t choose your blood, but you can choose your squad. Make sure new hires are a good fit. You don’t want negative complainers all day long dragging down other team members and your overall shop culture.
  • As a business owner, you need to develop trust & respect for all of your team members.
  • Don’t expect everyone to be best friends, but it is a MUST for everyone to be a team player
  • Team members need to be a part of the company’s vision, include them in future plans & use their ideas to push the business forward.
  • Treat your clients as lifelong friendships, not just business transactions.
  • The team should receive praise often, be involved in client feedback, have open communication, and should be given care to personal lives.
  • Create a positive environment; provide an open atmosphere, let team members be themselves, celebrate birthdays, buy lunches for jobs well done.

Shop Culture

Today… take a look at your work environment, your shop culture. Is it a fun place to work? Are you appreciated for your hard work? Do you enjoy working alongside other team members? Do your ideas get considered? Is your personal life considered important?

We spend a lot of time working. Make sure you enjoy it!

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