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Our Print Shop vs The World

Over the weekend, someone E-mailed us with a question we wish we received more often:

“I was curious as to the variance in pricing between vendors. If the shirt quality (Gildan) is the same, what would be some factors that we should consider? I prefer not to just pick someone based on the lowest price.”

Our answer is always the same. Make sure the other vendors do not have hidden costs. The lowest price is not always the best, as you get what you pay for.

At Jersey Ink, we do “all inclusive” pricing, which means there is no additional screen charges or set ups, we include it in the pricing. So always make sure to ask if there are additional screen or set up fees in your quote, so you can compare with ours properly.

Our Print Shop vs The World

Other factors:

  1. Type of shop. Is the company a one man band where there is no overhead and printing by themself vs. a 6,000 sq ft production shop with a showroom.
  2. Quality of printing. We pride ourselves in our quality. We print all products as if they were our own, and have 3 or more checkpoints along the way.
  3. Customer service. We always want to make you happy, and we will do anything to make that happen!
  4. Fresh products. Some shops might be able to get lower costs on garments due to them stocking up, giving you stale & old inventory. We custom order for each client from our supplier, and order every day for fresh garments.
  5. We have a family culture with our entire staff, and we treat all our customers as family too.
  6. Community. We love giving back as much as we can to Berks County whether it’s sponsored T-shirts, raffle baskets, artwork, or volunteer time.

In a perfect world, our goal is to turnover every quote we send out. But we know not everybody understands how we operate and how we get to our final pricing. We are here because we love what we do, and we do what we think is fair. We want to print for people who love us, and in return we build a great relationship, exchanging the same work and life values.

Our Print Shop vs The World

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