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Seasonal Promotions and the Gift of Branding

What’s the true gift that keeps on giving? Branding! Businesses during the holidays and the 4th quarter should invest in seasonal promotions.

Seasonal promotional items are essential. Think about pumpkin spice during October or Reese’s Easter eggs. Can’t have one without the other. It keeps brands ubiquitous. The best time for promotional seasonal branding is Christmas and the holidays.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s discuss branding. Branding captures your business through logos, services, and values. Seasonal branding is an extension of your brand. No need to revamp your entire logo; make small adjustments that align with the season. Think color changes, add festive backdrops.

Now your company has an idea on what to change, but is it worth the change? “What are the benefits?'”, you might think. Jersey Ink is here to explain Christmas branded gifts are perfect seasonal promotions.

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Having custom merchandise during the holidays can be used as gifts to clients. Inexpensive items can keep your company in the mind of customers. Items like t-shirts, or reusable water bottles are popular and trendy. Seasonal promotion gifts increase traffic and sales. Include items as a free add-on with a purchase. Macy’s gives a duffle bag away with the sale of perfume. Think of that tactic for your company.

Emotional Appeal

Don Draper from Mad Men said, “The public can engage on a level beyond flash if they have a sentimental bond with the product,”. Christmas is known to be a (dare we say) jolly time. Having gifts that give customers nostalgia or makes them think of tradition work in your company’s favor. An emotional response can bring in returning customers, and new ones. Seasonal promotional items and gifts should tap into a customers emotions.

Jersey Ink believes seasonal promotional items and branding increases traffic and profit margin which is why we encourage branding for large holidays. Consider our team to help your business thrive every season. E-mail us at or give us a call at 610-378-7844 to get started today!

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