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custom apparel

You just created custom apparel, but how can you maintain the design and fresh look? It’s a question we get often, and we’re willing to share the answer.

How many times has this happen to you: You purchase a shirt or piece of clothing, you love it, then wash it. Once it is washed it loses some sleekness or worse, it shrinks. It can be even worse if it’s a custom apparel item. So, how can you maintain your precious items? It may seem like a mystery, but Jersey Ink has your back.

Zip It

Firstly, if the item has a zipper, zip it! Once zipped, turn your item inside out before throwing it in a washer. Generally, this reduces fading and fabric pulling. We recommend washing all items this way, not just custom items.

Keep it Cold

When it comes to washing, try keeping all custom apparel items you have that are similar colors and fabrics together. For example, try to keep starchy denim away from soft cotton items. Most likely, they will rub together in the wash and leave denim stains on the shirt. Also, wash the items in cold water. The reason we suggest cold water is it is gentle on fabric and custom items. If possible, avoid using strong cleaning products like bleach because it may damage the items.

Hung Up

Lastly, we suggest hanging the items. If that isn’t possible, throw the items in the dryer for a low heat setting. If you do not have wrinkle-free custom apparel, take the items out midway through the drying process, and hang them up to reduce wrinkles. Emphatically, we recommend staying away from high heat drying because it can crack and fade designs.

Thinking its time to get new custom apparel for your business? Give us a call! E-mail us at or at 610-378-7844 to get started today!

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