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custom t-shirt

A custom t-shirt can be for birthdays, events, and gifts!

Before your design is finalized, make sure you follow these tips to help save you money and time! Jersey Ink is here to share our cheat sheet with you.

What is a custom t-shirt for?

Yes, we know this may sound silly but it makes a major difference. For example: if it is a company making shirts for their workers in a kitchen or a pub you will want custom shirts that can last daily wear, hide spills, and stains while absorbing sweat and shrink resistant. Presently, Jersey Ink offers uber comfortable and durable shirts that can be customized for your pleasure. Also, you’ll want your logo and branding attached to your items to catch the eyes of your customers. On top of that, you could sell these custom T-shirts and other custom apparel! Another example: if you are creating shirts for a local sports team, you will want lightweight, breathable material that can help keep heat out. The last thing you’d want from your apparel to be dense, and movement restricting.

How Many Shirts do you Need?

Trick question – no matter the amount Jersey Ink is here to give you the best customer experience provided! We offer a variety of options for shirt quantity. Normally, we offer larger discounts for bulk sales. To clarify, the more you buy the cheaper the price is. Lastly, if you are considering customizing your shirts that may affect your overall pricing.

Are the Key Elements Shown?

Our design studio can help you create custom t-shirts that will stand out from the rest. When it comes to the creative process all designs should be clear and easy to spot. A distinction is key! Also, the less color your items have the cheaper the shirts will cost. So, to save money try to avoid using colors when you can. Finally, the more attractive and comfortable your custom t-shirts are, the more people will want that. That’s not us saying so, that’s just science! We’d love to help you any way we can. E-mail us at or at 610-378-7844 to get started today!



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