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Creating the perfect corporate gift program has steadily become the norm for many companies over the past several years. With 2020 presenting a unique set of challenges for both employees and customers alike, gift programs are an impressive way to express gratitude while bolstering loyalty and productivity. 

Benefits of Gift Programs

Implementing a successful corporate gift program can yield impressive results beyond simple gift appreciation. First and foremost, gift programs foster strong relationships. Expressions of gratitude via employee gifts are effective means to strengthen feelings of value, which can result in enhanced work performance. Receiving meaningful gifts also elicits strong positive emotions such as happiness, gratitude, and even loyalty, emotions that keep customers coming back, and employees in their jobs.

More than relationships, the emotions associated with gift programs also provide important returns on the positive brand association. Customers, employees, and vendors alike will tie their positive emotions to both the gift as well as the gift giver and, by extension, the company brand. This will increase the likelihood that your customers, employees, and vendors will both use and discuss their employee and customer gifts in public and with their loved ones. This level of brand exposure is a crucial way to impress new customers and drive more product sales.  

A corporate gift program is a simple yet effective way to express appreciation to those who work for and with you while bolstering support, loyalty, and stronger work outcomes. 

Corporate Gift Program Opportunities 
Employee gifts
  • A large body of research has shown that gratitude drives productivity, both at home and at work. Essentially, employees who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to contribute positively to their work environments. And while productivity is an important aspect of corporate growth, so is your brand association. Your employees are your strongest form of marketing and advertising. If they are happy and valued at work, they are more likely to use your products, talk about them with friends and family, and encourage others to become new customers. Employee gifts are a great way to express that value. The more positive your employees feel about your brand, the stronger your positive brand association. 
Customer Gifts 
  • Customer buying habits have changed drastically in the last several months. Between shutdowns and economic uncertainty, consumers have become both more selective and more hesitant to make buying decisions. However, a strong corporate gift program can alleviate their uncertainty. Your customers want to feel important and appreciated. Corporate gift programs demonstrate customer value beyond their purchases and encourage brand loyalty.  
Business Partners and Vendors
  • Your business partners and vendors are also key people to consider when developing your corporate gift program. These folks are part of your team and, like your employees, want to feel equally valued and appreciated. However, instead of increased productivity, these gift programs can encourage them to more carefully consider the needs of your customers and reinforce vendor support on future projects.
Other Potential Corporate Gift Programs 
  • It’s possible that not every one of these categories resonates with your business. If you’re a nonprofit organization, perhaps donor gifts are more prudent than customer gifts. If you’re a larger corporation, perhaps you need consultant gifts in addition to employee gifts. The idea is to consider the various touchpoints of your organization and determine effective implementation strategies for your corporate gift program. 
How Jersey Ink Can Help 

Effective corporate gift programs start by identifying the most critical needs of their audience. What is the biggest challenge facing your audience right now? Is it their home office? Staying on top of their fitness? By identifying the needs of your audience and building the corporate gift program around those needs, you are more likely to foster strong relationships and enrich the lives of others, while also building your brand and customer base. 

At Jersey Ink, we have plenty of customizable products ready for production for your corporate gift program. Please reach out to us at 610-378-7844 to get started!  


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