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Fundraising Reading PA

Webstore fundraising often elicits an abundance of excitement and anticipation, especially when the fundraiser is personally meaningful.

However, all too often, we see this excitement end in utter disappointment as folks fall short of their fundraising goals. Due to the amount of effort and strategy required, we compiled a few tips to ensure the success (and complete dominance!) of your next fundraiser!

Simplicity is key.

Clients often offer a large variety of printed items thinking it will encourage more people to buy. It sounds logical, but it can sometimes result in ‘decision paralysis.’ This occurs when people feel overwhelmed by their choices, so they don’t choose at all. Don’t let that happen to you. Keep your store to six items or less, and people will buy the item(s) that resonate with them most!

Maintain brand consistency.

In the excitement of promoting a fundraiser, it is easy to overdo it with logos and slogans. While this might seem like a unique way to reach more people, it can also confuse and dampen the message. In the same way, you want to limit your printed offerings, you also want to limit slogans and logos. We highly recommend one logo or slogan with very few, if any, color changes. This will help people find you easily and keep your fundraiser on brand.

Make your fundraising personal.

People are much more likely to purchase from your fundraiser if they believe in the cause, so be specific about the impact they can have. Well-written details can be a powerful tool to connect your donors to your cause. It will also leave them feeling warm and fuzzy about their potential impact in the process.

Promote. Then promote some more.

Post your webstore link and graphics to social media. Then, do it again the next day. Write new posts, keep sharing the link, and encourage others to do the same. Images of your gear are an incredible way to bring people to your fundraising page. Post selfies with the merchandise and encourages others to submit their own photos. Social media is a powerful tool for getting your word out and keeping folks informed. The more people see your fundraising link – and notice that it’s picking up steam – the more likely they are to donate.

When in doubt, add some fun.

What do the ice bucket challenge and a 5K have in common? They both require a little extra effort. Research suggests that people are MORE likely to give when they have to put in some effort. This is why 5Ks and bed races are so successful. If you can add even a pinch of effortful fun (i.e., share a riddle to donate), we encourage you to do so. It will drive more traffic to your site and give your fundraiser an added edge to draw more donations.

We are here to help you get your fundraiser off the ground! If you aren’t sure where to start, give Jersey Ink a call at 610-378-7844, and we can get you set up in no time!

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