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The Importance of High-Quality T-Shirts
Comfort Over Cost

Many years ago, grabbing a t-shirt meant working in the yard, going for a run, or heading to bed. The look and feel didn’t matter so much as having something to wear, something the person didn’t mind getting messy or wrinkled. T-shirts quickly turned to cut-offs, and people were happy to continue recycling their shirts until they were no longer wearable. Cheap t-shirts were the name of the game, and none were the wiser.

However, the t-shirt industry continued to grow, and the importance of high-quality t-shirts started to make some noise in the market. Fabrics started getting softer, the cuts became more fitted, and t-shirts started looking both flattering and fun to wear. Today, comfort and quality are among the top considerations when someone decides which t-shirt to pull out of their closet.

If you’ve opted for a cheaper t-shirt material or brand, chances are, the shirts you sell or give out are buried under more comfortable options. And believe it or not, this is costing you money.

The Price of Impressions

An impression is essentially the same thing as exposure. When you wear a t-shirt and someone recognizes it, that’s an impression. Impressions cost money, but well-designed, desirable t-shirts have a meager cost per impression. For example, let’s take a look at Jeanine’s t-shirt habits.

A few weeks ago, Jeanine attended a craft show at the behest of her two friends, Lola and Xavier. Lola just started an organic tea business, and Xavier makes pet bow-ties on the side. In addition to supporting her friends’ businesses by purchasing their products, she also decides to buy a t-shirt from each of their booths.

Jeanine loves the design of Lola’s t-shirt. It’s edgy and earthy, which speaks to Jeanine’s aesthetic. However, the t-shirt is boxy and unflattering. The sleeves wing out and leave Jeanine feeling a little self-conscious. Jeanine keeps the shirt to support her friend, but she only wears it to work in her garden and other messy projects, like painting her guest bedroom. She wears it a handful of times to go for a run, but even that is uncomfortable. Over the year, Jeanine wears the shirt a total of ten times, and only 30 people ever see the shirt. Though Lola was trying to save money by only paying $10.00 per shirt, her cost per impression for the year was $0.33.

Jeanine also loves the fun and quirky design on Xavier’s t-shirt, but the comfort does it for Jeanine. The shirt is soft and flattering, and everything feels like it fits just like it should. Xavier’s shirt often ends up on the top of the t-shirt pile in Jeanine’s closet, and she’s always eager to wash and wear it. Over the year, Jeanine wears Xavier’s shirt 21 times to various locations and events. Over 400 people see Xavier’s shirt on Jeanine. Xavier did splurge a bit for each shirt, paying approximately $14 per t-shirt. However, the cost per impression for his shirts came out to $0.03! Not only did Xavier’s t-shirt get a lot more impressions, but his company got a lot more business, thanks to Jeanine’s free advertising!

Premium t-shirts have a premium price tag, but the price difference of a few dollars could mean big business for your company. Don’t get stingy when it come to the importance of high-quality t-shirts!

If you’d like to learn more about our premium t-shirt options, please reach out. We are here to help!

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