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5 Things to Remember When Planning Your Fundraising Event

Fundraising Events often do much more than raise money for a charity or cause. They bring people together, build community, and create lasting memories. One way these fundraising events live on well beyond their event date is through the t-shirts given to every participant and volunteer. For many, these t-shirts become keepsakes to compare year after year and offer a unique way to relive the memories of the day.

While fundraising events can be challenging to plan, they are almost always a rewarding experience. To make the most of the effort put into creating a successful event, it’s essential to create an eye-catching t-shirt with one clear purpose: raising awareness for your charity or cause.

With that in mind, there are five key things to remember when designing your fundraising event t-shirt:

The Name of the Charity or Cause

If your charity or cause has a recognizable logo, that should be the first thing to find a place on your fundraising event t-shirt. If not, we recommend creating a clear, bold way to display the charity or cause name on the shirt.

We recommend choosing a bold type that’s easily legible from a distance and placing it on both the front and back of the t-shirt. This will ensure that your fundraising event receives the visibility it deserves despite which side of the shirt is viewed.

The Name & Year of the Event

While adding the name and year of the event might seem obvious, it’s also something that can be easily overlooked. A highly visible event name serves two purposes: It enhances the visibility and awareness of the event, and it serves as an incentive for people to sign up and support the event. The more compelling or recognizable the event name, the more interest it’s likely to receive.

The year of the event is more relevant for annual events, though there is value in adding it to all fundraising event shirts. For annual events, however, adding a year instantly makes the t-shirt a collectible item. If the t-shirt is fun and interesting, it will keep people coming back every year.

Where to Get More Information

Contact information is crucial to include on your fundraiser t-shirt. While websites are a great way for people to get more information, an increasing number of people use QR codes for people to easily scan and find their charity website or social media.

Because you never know where or when someone may see your t-shirt, the website or QR code needs to be large, in a clear, legible font, and in a location not easily obscured by things like your hair or purse. This will make it easier for people to learn more about your charity or cause and get involved.


One way to increase the likelihood that sponsors will sign on to support your event every year is to put their logos on your t-shirt. Sponsors love to be recognized for their efforts and will be grateful for the extra free advertising on your t-shirt. As a bonus tip, it’s always a nice touch to send your sponsors a few shirts to give to their employees, friends, and family. This will further serve to help your event gain visibility and support.


While we saved design for the last tip on our list, it’s probably the most important when it comes to visibility. People love to wear their favorite fun and unique shirts on a regular basis. We recommend hiring a professional designer or using a professional design tool to create a unique and memorable t-shirt. A professional-looking t-shirt design can make the difference between a shirt that’s thrown away or turned into rags and one that is cherished and worn for years to come.

These five tips are a surefire way to increase the visibility of your event, bring more awareness to your cause, and enhance the success of your fundraising efforts. When done well, fundraising t-shirts serve as an effective tool for the long-term support of your charity or cause.

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